You Don’t Have to Give Up These Comfort Foods to Food Allergies

If you have food allergies, there are some foods that you’ll never look at the same way again. And there will be foods you can no longer eat. But . . . these comfort foods are easily made allergy free. So read on!

The fairly recent increase in the number of people (kids, especially) diagnosed with food allergies has caused a similar increase in the prevalence of allergy-free foods (comfort foods, too).

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Alas, there are many alternatives! But if you want one of the best, Enjoy Life has a couple amazing varieties that are low-sugar, free of almost all common allergens, and, um . . . really delicious.

2. Pancakes

We have a Sunday morning pancake breakfast tradition in our house. And this fantastic recipe is the one we use. Bonus – it’s paleo and gluten free. The recipe can also easily be adapted for dairy allergies.

3. Pizza

We were stuck with eating pizza that tasted like cardboard for the longest time. I liked it only because I had nothing to compare it to. But then . . . miracle! A breakthrough! A blow-them-out-of-the-water delicious pizza came into our lives and changed them forever. Against the Grain’s three cheese or pepperoni pizza is the best. ever.

4. Pasta

Oh, the possibilities are endless! We prefer the lentil pasta and also the corn/quinoa pasta from Ancient Harvest. I can vouch for them being gluten free. 😉

5. Cereal

We don’t do much with cereal in our house any more, but when we did, we liked the Arrowhead Mills brand the best (a few others were also sprouted). And if you struggle with a dairy intolerance or allergy, there are alternatives there, as well. Just try to avoid soy milk, please?

Removing an allergen from your diet is not the end of the delicious food world. Take heart! Finding yummy alternatives can be tricky, but there are so many options out there now, cravings are sure to be satisfied eventually.

Talk to me. What are your favorite food alternatives? Have you tried any of these? Let’s chat in the comments.

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